Our story

We met online

The Voices of Care Choir was started online during the pandemic. We were invited as NHS workers to sing on a top secret project armed only with mobile phones and headphones! Little did we know that 48 hours later we would be releasing a record with Captain Sir Tom Moore and Michael Ball, which topped the chart with the fastest selling record sales of 2020… What an honour and a delight to help Captain Tom raise everyone’s spirits during that time.

We met in person! (sort of)

At the end of 2020 we joined Michael Ball on stage at The Royal Variety Performance in Blackpool. Because of the lockdown the number of singers was strictly limited and had to be from the local area, so the lucky few who actually met and rehearsed in person together were all based in the North West. It was a strange time; all the acts were kept separated and the audience was also on screen! Yet it was a wonderful that we were able to perform at all, especially with such a stunning staging of the song.

nhs voices of care singing at the royal variety performance

We all sang together

In May 2022 we all met together in person for a session to record some new songs, including the National Anthem single. Our singers travelled from all parts of the UK, from Scotland to the West Country. There was a quick switch into NHS uniforms for the main session and lots of smiles before the hard work of session singing started.



What’s next?

There is a unique energy singing in this group!

Even though we had never met all together before this year, there is a natural synergy and unspoken bond within this choir – perhaps because we have so many shared experiences.

We want to continue the choir, singing with a purpose, and raising money for causes close to our hearts. The power of music to do good is incredible, and many people like us in the NHS can benefit from this. So, have a go at singing with us, register as a member today!
“One of the highlights, without doubt, is having the  NHS Voices Of Care Choir, here.”